Artist Alley Survival Guide

Welcome to the new-and-improved Artist Alley Survival Guide! With its own domain name and everything!

I wrote this guide to give advice to people considering selling art and crafts in an anime convention artist alley. Most of it probably applies to science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comic cons as well as craft fairs, but my own experience has only been at anime conventions (and from running a science fiction con art show).

Please chime in with comments and questions if you have them! Comments may be moderated to combat spam; don’t worry, once I release them from comment jail, they’ll be up on the site. Or you can use this form to send me email.

Start off with the Introduction in the sidebar off to the right: it defines a couple of terms and quickly addresses a few topics to start with.  You can pick and choose among the topics as you like, but I’d advise reading them in order if this is your first visit to the site.

The original site I hosted the Guide on was hacked by pharma spammers, so I took it down and, after a lengthy delay, created this site. The old site had a number of useful comments from readers on it: alas, I was unable to transfer those over.

If you’ve found the information here to be useful, please recommend this site to others! If you’d like, you could consider making a donation towards site hosting fees or buying me a coffee on Ko-fi. But really: the best thing to do is to let others know of the Guide’s existence.

Thank you and good luck in your artistic endeavors!


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